Food and Drink in Aberystwyth

People-watch from a cosy cafe, enjoy a hearty meal or party the night away.

Explore pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and takeaways in Aberystwyth.

Pubs & Clubs

Come out for the night and try some of Aber's many different pubs, bars and clubs.

From real ale pubs to party venues open into the early hours, it's all here.

Pubs & clubs...


There's a real mix of modern coffee shops and traditional cafés on offer.

Unwind over a perfect coffee, share a pot of tea or get a tasty daytime meal.



Great for a family Sunday lunch, a romantic evening or a night out with friends.

Try out locally-sourced Welsh specialities or a range of more exotic choices.



From sandwiches and rolls to proper seaside fish and chip shops or late-night takeaways.

Lots of options for a snack or a quick meal.


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