Hinterland Filming Locations

Detective drama 'Hinterland' or 'Y Gwyll' is filmed in and around Aberystwyth. Selected filming locations for Hinterland are shown on the map below:

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What's on the map?

Most of the buildings and places used for the filming of Hinterland, including Mathias's caravan, the police station and the homes and businesses of victims, suspects and witnesses. Please note that many locations shown are private homes or businesses and are not open to visitors.

Please do email information about any locations you have identified - it will be much appreciated!

Currently unidentified locations include Brian Prosser's home, Cwmglas Timber, the site of Laura Dean's body being found, Lewis John's home and studio and the petrol station and stores where Liam Hughes is shot.

Key to Map

Markers are coloured according to which series each location first appeared in:

2013: Series 1
2015: Special
2015: Series 2
2016: Series 3

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