Population Statistics

Aberystwyth and Ceredigion Population Data

The 2011 national census gave Aberystwyth's population as:

Aberystwyth is located in Ceredigion county, which covers 1,795 km². In the 2011 national census, people living in the Aberystwyth area made up 25% of the county's recorded population of 75,922.

Comparing the 2001 and 2011 census data suggests a 12% rise in the population of the Aberystwyth area during those ten years, but only 1.3% across the county as a whole.

There were 9,130 full-time students and 6,480 part-timers registered with Aberystwyth University during academic year 2011/12 - although some of these will be studying remotely and not living in the area.

Aberystwyth town statistics

Detailed population figures for Aberystwyth are as follows:

Ward 2001 Census 2011 Census Change
Aberystwyth Bronglais 1928 2075 +8%
Aberystwyth Central 2177 2471 +14%
Aberystwyth North 1957 2641 +35%
Aberystwyth Penparcau 3088 3122 +1%
Aberystwyth Rheidol 2457 2731 +11%
Total: 11607 13040 +12%

Surrounding area

Faenor and Llanbadarn Fawr wards contain settlements that are essentially suburbs of Aberystwyth, such as Llanbadarn, Comins Coch and Waunfawr.

Ward 2001 Census 2011 Census Change
Faenor 2422 2545 +5%
Llanbadarn Fawr - Padarn 1260 1042 -17%
Llanbadarn Fawr - Sulien 1639 2338 +43%

Welsh language ability

The 2011 census confirmed that Aberystwyth residents are more likely to be able to speak Welsh than is average for Wales:

Welsh Speakers 2001 Census 2011 Census Change
Aberystwyth area 35% 31% -11%
All of Wales 21% 19% -10%

These statistics include all residents aged 3 and over, including the Faenor and Llanbadarn wards. Due to differences in recording, figures for 2001 and 2011 may not relate to each other exactly.

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