Telephone and Internet

Domestic telephone lines in Aberystwyth can be ordered from either BT or a range of competitors who use the same 'Openreach' network. There are no alternative cable television and phone companies in Aberystwyth.

All UK mobile networks have good coverage within the town, although provision in the outlying areas is variable.

Getting a Phone Line

To take over an existing phone line or have a new line installed, contact your choice of phone company. BT, Sky and TalkTalk are some of the companies that offer phone lines locally.

Broadband Internet in Aberystwyth

Standard ADSL broadband services are available throughout the 01970 area code, including addresses served by the rural, out-of-town telephone exchanges. Superfast fibre-optic broadband is available to selected locations. Some availability and speed restrictions remain in rural areas that are a long distance from their telephone exchange (e.g. Blaenplwyf, Pisgah).

A range of providers are available, although not quite as many as in major urban areas. Sam Knows is useful for checking broadband availability and performance at each exchange.


BT public phone boxes that accept cash or credit cards are available in a few places around the town. See the Aberystwyth Payphone Map for locations.

Local Telephone Numbers

The area code for Aberystwyth is 01970.

Dialing from abroad

To call Aberystwyth numbers from abroad dial your country's international access code followed by 44, then the full UK number omitting the leading zero. For example: 01970 987654 would be dialled as 00 44 1970 987654 from Germany or 011 44 1970 987654 from the USA.

Local number decoder

Most telephone numbers in Aberystwyth are issued by BT and arranged as follows:

Initial digits Used for
(01970) 61, 62 and 63 Aberystwyth exchange
(01970) 65 Featurenet (large business users)
(01970) 82 Bow Street exchange
(01970) 831 and 832 Talybont exchange
(01970) 833 Aberystwyth exchange
(01970) 87 Borth exchange
(01970) 88 Capel Bangor exchange
(01970) 89 Ponterwyd exchange

Various other numbers are also in use.

Telephone number and area code finders

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