Driving to Aberystwyth

Coming by car can be a good idea if you want to visit Aberystwyth's more rural surrounds - just make sure to leave enough time for your journey.

Distances and Directions

Aberystwyth is readily accessible using the main A487 and A44 trunk roads.

Driving Distances to Aberystwyth

Departing from Miles km
Birmingham 122 196
Cardiff 99 159
Edinburgh 330 531
London 233 375
Manchester 129 208
Newcastle upon Tyne 271 436
Southampton 206 331

AA journey planner | RAC journey planner

Driving to Aberystwyth, you can't fail to travel through some very attractive scenery - but bear in mind you'll be doing so on a winding single carriageway road for the last couple of hours of your trip. Just be sure not to over-rely on the journey time predictions given by route-planning software!

Drivers from outside the United Kingdom

Distances on UK road signs are given in miles and yards - a mile is equal to about 1.6 km, while a yard is slightly less than a metre. Drivers of tall or long vehicles may also like to note the size of their vehicle in feet and inches, as dimensions in metres are often missing from older height and width limit signs.

Car Hire

If you want to hire a car while you're here, try Europcar or Hertz (both offer Aberystwyth as a pick-up location), or browse local car hire companies.

Car Shares and Lifts

For car-sharing opportunities, or to offer or ask for a lift, check the listings at one of the many sites:

Car Parking

A large multi-storey car park for short stays is available adjacent to Tesco on Park Avenue, along with various other car parks further down Park Avenue and Boulevard St Brieuc. Additional smaller public car parks are located around town, as are dedicated car parks for the retail parks.